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Plastic Free Easter Rebel n Rose Halifax West Yorkshire

With Easter fast approaching, think about all the plastic that is used in wrapping Easter eggs. We have wrote this short blog so that you can try have a plastic free Easter.

So, armed with our love for the environment in  we have scoured the internet for plastic-free Easter eggs and alternative chocolate treats to enjoy from Good Friday to Easter Monday.

Buy one of these this year and do your bit for the planet and have a plastic free Easter ..


Montezuma Milk Chocolate with Butterscotch Eco Egg  £8.99 * Non Vegan

Our Eco Egg packaging is made of just two parts: a sturdy biodegradable paper outer shell/sleeve and a foil wrapping – we think it’s probably the most eco friendly Easter egg around with no plastic in sight! Available in organic milk chocolate with butterscotch, organic dark chocolate with cocoa nibs and new for this Easter organic white chocolate with raspberry!

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Plamil Organic Egg £4.00 Vegan 

A fun, Easter treat. This hollow dairy free milk chocolate Easter egg with sharing bag is made in our own factory which never uses dairy or gluten. All the taste of dairy milk without dairy. Organic and vegan. No milk. Wheat and gluten free. No lactose. Various different types available.

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Coco Caravan Vegan Egg £60.00 for 10 boxes. Vegan 

Surprise yourself or your friends with 10 boxes of these hand made vegan Easter eggs. Made with Coco Caravan ‘s smooth dark chocolate and filled with our signature vegan caramel.  In each box you will find 8 caramel filled Easter eggs. Sold in a quantity of 10 boxes. Refined Sugar Free, Raw, Vegan.

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  • Opt for varieties that are wrapped in foil and packaged in cardboard rather than plastic (and excuse to buy another Creme Egg)
  • Buy them loose if you can, as these are less likely to be over-packaged
  • Make your own chocolate eggs using silicone molds (£2.99 for palate of 6, Amazon)

If your not a fan o chocolate why not look at alternative gifts….. thats where we can help. Have a look at our new collections, including our Pomegranate vitamin e collection

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