Solid Shampoo Bars:

The Rebel n Rose solid shampoo bars are made with cruelty-free and vegan-friendly ingredients. High-quality vegetable oils create a wonderful dense creamy lather which is naturally conditioning for your hair.

This environmentally friendly shampoo bar will leave your hair feeling soft, silky and manageable. Being a solid shampoo bar, there is also no waste from bottles and packaging, kind to the earth as well as to you.

We package all of our solid shampoo bars in an eco-friendly hessian and with an optional rope so that you can hang the shampoo bar in the shower, Less mess, more fun!

The fragrances will leave you wanting to smell your hair, all day from fruity fragrances to clean smelling fragrances. There is one to suit everybody.

Our Handcrafted Solid shampoo bars are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly shampoo bars are made from the highest quality, all-natural ingredients.

We use the melt and pour method to create these stunning solid shampoo bars and are very proud of the amazing array of exotic and evocative fragrances.

The tactile textures of each bar will delight your senses as you pamper yourself knowing that you are giving your hair a real treat.

Pack full of skin healing ingredients, that are safe for all the family.

With their bright colours that are appealing to the eye, without the worry of nasty chemicals.

All Shampoo bars are Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Dairy Free and Gluten free!!

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