Where have shower Jellys been hiding?

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Where have shower Jellys been hiding?!!

Have you ever discovered a product so amazing that you get almost angry that you went so long without knowing about it? Yeah, me too — and I’m currently working through those emotions with Rebel n Rose’s Shower Jellys.



What are they?

These jiggly joys, look like big, bright, wobbly hunks of Jelly, but they’re actually cleansing body washes that just might be the best shower product ever created. And not just because they are so much fun to play with (seriously, before I even got anywhere near the shower, I spent a good 10 minutes shaking them around and taking Boomerang videos). The (cruelty-free) jellies are made out of a carrageenan seaweed base (so, unlike gelatin, they’re vegetarian), and are packed with nourishing and hydrating ingredients like fresh fruits and essential oils. All of the Jellys pack a citrusy punch.strawberry shower jelly. Rebel n Rose the home of vegan and cruelty free

We are looking at different bath and shower products we looked at a product that would travel well — which these do, in their handy little tubs — and that he could use frozen when visiting hot climates. That’s right: Unlike every other boring, basic body wash, shower jellies can be frozen or refrigerated before use. In fact, that’s the ideal way to use them: When you use the frozen jellies in a hot shower, it creates a “fire and ice” feel that also boosts your blood circulation and help you look and feel super refreshed. (That said, though freezing the jellies is recommended, it’s definitely not necessary — they’re still amazing in their “natural” form.)

How do I use them?

So, how exactly do you use them? We suggest you either crush pieces into a loofah or rub them directly onto your body like you’re using a bar of soap. If you go the loofah route, a small piece goes a long way in creating a smooth, soapy lather. If you opt for the “bar of soap” method, it’s probably best to do so with frozen or chilled jellies to make them easier to handle. At room temperature, they’re slippery little suckers. If you want to really indulge, cut the jellies up into pieces to create a bubble bath.


Really, only one question remains: Are you ready for this jelly?

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  • AvatarStaceyJuly 10, 2018 at 8:36 pm

    I can’t wait for you to launch these ! They look so inticing and exciting 😍


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